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We help sports professionals achieve their full potential and are always finding new ways to apply intelligent data to make sure every player, athlete, team, coach and referee can be the absolute best they can be.

Our products and services


Sports Data Intelligence is an online data science ecosystem of technological services to manage, transform and analyse data. Optimises your performance with our sports intelligence dashboards.


VR – WHICH is scientifically proved to programthe brain to execute preferred behaviour in the field – to improve a player’s decision making and tactics. Improve accuracy and response-time through VR spatial awareness training.


Increase Fan Engagement with real-time insights, immersive visualizations, in-browser live streaming and instant on demand experience.


Optimise your performance with our sports intelligence dashboards

Our dashboards give athletes, teams and coaches the ability to make patterns, connections and potential conflicts visible so they can anticipate and adjust their strategies. Whether it’s about positions on the field, preparations, training directions or player aquisitions. It all becomes clear with our sports intelligence dashboards.

  • Player Profiling
  • Player Development
  • Team Analysis
  • AI Scouting


Improve accuracy and response-time through VR spatial awareness training

We create immersive VR visualisations of actual matches based on existing positional data combined with video and Sportscode. This enables coaches and players to analyse and discuss any match from any perspective, even from the opponent’s point of view. Improving spatial awareness, accuracy and response -time.

  • VR Spacial Awareness Training
  • AR Coach Training


Increase fan engagement with realtime insights and 3D visualisations

Get to the heart of your favourite sport like never before with our in-app or in-browser live streaming and instant on-demand experience. Widely celebrated for its ground-breaking and out of this world enhanced video player, multi-drm protection, multi-camera streaming capabilities, 360° video, virtual reality and augmented reality.

  • 3D Realtime Data Visualisation
  • Data Driven Entertainment
  • Realtime 3D Broadcast Rendering
  • 3D Fan Experiences
  • Fan Engagement Tools

What people say about us

Maas de Goede
MSc. Business Administration
"My research on the use of AION VR in football training shows a 30% increase in learning outcomes when compared to traditional computer-based training methods. That’s 4 months of extra training time per year. Imagine what you can do with that extra time."

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